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By registering with Knerdy you are agreeing to Knerdy (Alliancegrid Management Inc) contacting you and we may use your data to make you aware of similar services or key events relevant to your field of interest or that you have enquired about. Knerdy will not sell or give your personal data to third party organizations for marketing purposes without prior consent from you. We aim to keep your data safely and securely and to use them only for stated purposes. Where you give us personal data through the website in order for us to provide you with a service, your data will be used in connection with that service.

We may pass some of your data to other organizations if this is required by law, is necessary for the prevention or detection of crime, or is necessary in order to provide particular services to you. Knerdy collects the personal data of prospective students, whenever enquiries are made (this includes any method of enquiry).

If you wish to stop your data being retained by Knerdy, please contact

Please note that in most cases Knerdy is unable to disclose information about students in response to third party requests (including those made by parents) without the prior written consent of the individual concerned, unless it is necessary to do so in order to comply with legal requirements or to prevent or detect crime.


A cookie is a small text file placed on the hard disk of the computer of the user of a website. There are, simply put, two types of cookies: functional cookies and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies remember for example the choice of language or the completed fields of a form. This way the user does not need to input this again next time he/she visits the website.

Tracking cookies collect information about browsing habits of the user. For example, Google Analytics. Within this group another distinction should be made between direct or 1st party tracking cookies and indirect or 3rd party tracking cookies. Direct tracking cookies are for example used for statistical purposes or to determine whether the user can easily find his way around the website. Indirect tracking cookies on the other hand are usually used by advertisers to show ads tailored to the specific browsing profile of the user.

Used Cookies:

The Website uses both functional cookies and tracking cookies. These cookies are intended to optimize the use of the Website, to remember technical choices made by the user, to keep statistics, to improve the provided services and to identify any errors in the Website.


When you use the website, information about the IP address and browser that your computer is using will be made known to us. We may use such information to monitor how our websites are used, which pages are visited and how often visits are made.

Links to other websites:

This privacy policy only covers pages within the Knerdy website. It does not extend to sites to which a link is provided from the Knerdy site.


Security and Storage of Information:

Knerdy and its associates / vendors has certain security measures in place to help prevent the loss, misuse or adulteration of Customer Data stored on the Servers. These measures include Secure Socket Layer encryption and the use of a firewall. Any questions or concern about security can be addressed Notwithstanding the foregoing, Knerdy shall have no obligation or responsibility to preserve, archive, store or otherwise protect the integrity of the Customer Data against corruption, deletion or destruction. Customer Data is not stored for an indefinite amount of time.

These Privacy Policies were last updated on March 23, 2018.

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