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Medical and Dental School Admission Consultants

Knerdy Education Service is looking for Admission Consultants in the specialized area of Canadian Medical and Dental Schools. 

Admission Consultants must be in their First or Second Year of Medicine / Dentistry program in any Canadian Medical or Dental School. They will be required to mentor and guide prospective Med School / Dental School applicants through the application process. Consultants will have the flexibility to choose the time that works for them. All consulting sessions will be conducted over Skype. 

If interested, Please send your CV to for consideration and further details regarding role and compensation.

Research Volunteers

Knerdy Education Service is looking for Research Volunteers who can work Part Time, Remote, at the time of their choosing. Volunteers must have access to a stable internet connection and a reliable PC/Laptop.

Research Volunteers will be conducting Secondary research on Canadian Universities and the Programs being offered. They will be required to research the information available on University website and fill data templates. Broadly, the research relates to admission requirements, tuition & fees, historical admission statistics, international student requirements, financial assistance and such related information.

Volunteers must be willing to commit a minimum of 30 Hours for 3 Months and must be familiar with Canadian Higher Education system. Volunteers’ efforts will be recognized and their profile will be displayed on our website. If interested, Please send your CV to for consideration.

Mentor Volunteers

Knerdy Education Service is looking for Mentor Volunteers who are motivated to share their experience of Canadian Professional school admission with prospective students and applicants to Medical School, Dental School, Law School and Business School.

Mentor Volunteers are expected to guide prospective students through the Application Cycle and provide their unbiased opinion on Applicant's admission documents like Personal Statement, Autobiographical Sketch, Extracurricular activities, and other related artifacts.

Mentor Volunteers must be students of Canadian Medical / Dental / Law / Business Schools or recent graduates from these schools. Interaction between Mentors and Mentees will be over Skype or other similar remote communication tools. Volunteers’ efforts will be recognized and their profile will be displayed on our website. If interested, Please reach out to for details and consideration.

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